The Alexander Technique is a century old educational method that can help you with a wide-range of problems and interests. Whether you are suffering from a back problem or want to play the piano more freely, the Alexander Technique can provide a fresh perspective on ways for you to address those issues in a concrete way.

The point of the Technique is to learn enough about the ways you use yourself so that you can eliminate some of the physical problems you may be experiencing, as well as achieving more ease and freedom in your daily activities. Learning new skills, and improving on old ones, really can be a lifelong endeavor. The Alexander Technique is not a substitute for the work involved in learning, but it can act as a fundamental aid in eliminating the impediments that can make learning more frustrating than necessary. And if pain caused by how you are using yourself in your daily activities is making life harder, the Alexander Technique may, again, be a useful aid.

Looking for a Teacher?

Jerry has been teaching the Alexander Technique since completing his three year teacher training in 1985. He is available for private lessons at his Berkeley studio on Prince Street. Lessons are 45 minutes long and cost $65.00. He is a STAT and AmSAT certified teacher.

For people looking to become teachers of the Alexander Technique, Jerry no longer runs a 3-year teacher training program, but he is happy to discuss with you your options in the Bay Area and beyond. If you are looking for a private teacher elsewhere in the country, Jerry can help you find a certified teacher in your area.